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Customers are paramount , Service First

Care for Customers , Guaranteed Safety


Elevator Operation Safety Points:

In the event of earthquakes or fires, do not use elevators.

To avoid danger, when using elevators do not exceed load capacities.

When moving cargo in an elevator do not obstruct the elevator doors,

    which could  dangerously affect the elevator structure.

─ When riding an elevator, closely observe children to guarantee they do not

    touch the door panels as the doors open, as this could result in pinching


─ When riding an elevator do not play or jump in the elevator cage. This may

    affect normal elevator operation.

─ In order to ensure the cleanliness and lifespan of the elevator, smoking is

    prohibited in the elevator cage.

─ In the event of being confined in a stopped elevator, please press the

    “Emergency Call” button, and wait for professional assistance. To

    avoid serious falls, do not force open the doors or try to jump out.

─ Please maintain elevator motor room cleanliness and dryness, and avoid

    rain leakages.

─ Elevator motor rooms should remain locked to avoid unauthorized

    entrance and potential damage.

─ Elevators should have periodic inspections and maintenance performed by

    qualified professionals from the original factory.

─ If elevator operations become abnormal, immediately inform professional

    original factory personnel. Do not attempt self-repairs.


Escalator Operation Safety Points:

─ When riding, one hand should grip the handrail, no body parts should

    extend past the handrail.

─Both feet should be placed on the footboards, and individuals should not

    rub against the inner sides of the escalator.

─ Playing, running, jumping, and pushing are prohibited on escalators.

─ Children should not ride the escalator alone.

─ Strollers are prohibited on escalators.

─ Children are prohibited from hanging or crawling on the

    escalator handrails.

─ Pointed canes and crutches or umbrellas are prohibited.

─ Open toed or unlaced shoes are prohibited.

─ Going up the opposite direction escalator or sitting on the footboards is



Sharing Experience

Question 1: Why are there orphaned elevators?

─ Trusting non-original factory maintenance, non-professional maintenance,

    old machines, and seeking needed but currently out of production spare

    parts are all reasons that elevator maintenance may not be completed

    satisfactorily. Elevators with these problems then become orphaned


─ Self construction style elevators continually encounter company closures,

    making needed maintenance impossible to obtain.

─ Trusting non-original factory maintenance in the case of elevator problems

    often results in maintenance work that does not solve elevator problems,

    and brings on even greater expense to customers.


Question 2: Why are aged elevators a problem?

─ If electrical voltage is unstable, it causes elevators to function irregularly.

   Over an extended time this creates elevator breakdowns.

─ Often exceeding load capacity or irregular operations will cause elevator


─ Allowing water to seep into the elevator motor room during floor washings

    will create short circuits and elevator breakdowns.

─ Lack of building entryway security, allowing unauthorized individuals to

    enter the elevator motor room and cause damage to the equipment and

    parts, will result in elevator breakdowns.

─ Elevator door guide grooves obstructed by dust or garbage particles result

    in problems in door opening and closure.


Giving riders complete safety is Yungtay Elevator’s constant concern!

We enjoin you again:

─ Security guards should daily ride one complete trip the length of the

    elevator track, ensuring all operations are normal.

─ Pay attention to strangers in the building, and protect resident safety. The

    elevator motor room door should remain locked and the hallway to the

    motor room unimpeded.

─ Keys to the motor room door, emergency exit doors, and operation board

    should be strictly managed. Aside from the original factory professional

    technicians and government approved inspectors, no one is permitted

    access. This will prevent elevator falls from lack of caution, curiosity,

    malicious intent or criminal actions.

─ Protect children: do not play in or around elevator doors, and do not jump

    while riding the elevator.

─ Remember to respect senior citizens, mothers, and children by politely

    making way for their entrance and exits.


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