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Our goal

In March 1985, Taiwan’s first elevator research tower was completed at Yungtay’s Taoyuan plant. Through nearly 20 years of elevator research background, Yungtay has moved from acting as agent for Hitachi elevator products to introducing technology, to our own technological advancements. Not only was Yungtay first in Taiwan’s elevator industry design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance combined service, we were also Taiwan’s first native elevator brand, expanding into the international professional elevator products market. Yuntay continually brings forth new technological ideas and multi-functional products, creating a stable pathway of expansion for the company.


Research and expansion achievements

1)        90-105 m/min sans motor room elevator development completed (11Kw/400V)

*Because of market demand and working with modern building design demands we provide energy-saving environmentally friendly products.

2)     60-150m/min NT2 small controller elevators development completed (15Kw-30Kw/400V)

*Control panel is reduced to reduce costs. Three speed ARC control is gives a more comfortable ride.

3)     3 ton cargo elevator development completed (30 Kw/400V)

*To meet market demand for low price products, lowered weight 3 ton cargo elevator manufacturing and sales increases price competitiveness.

4)     Hsinchuang MRT line escalators electric control system development completed (11-30 Kw/400V)

        *Self-designed control panel and surrounding equipment meet MRT engineering standards.

5)     Double coil brakes development completed (UK, UY type for tractors)

        *Accords with mainland China’s regulations, increasing design safety differentials.

6)     Ascent speed limiter which protects installed equipment (surrounding the rope) development completed.

        * Accords with mainland China’s regulations, increasing design safety differentials.

7)     High precision micro leveling equipment development completed.

        *Provides greater ease in moving large or heavy items, such as hospital beds, in and out of the elevator cage.


Future Research and Development Plans

1)           Small cage elevator development (6-15 people, 45-105m/min)

To satisfy mainland Chinese market development trends and demands, it will utilize PM energy saving environmentally friendly motors.

2)           PM motors (magnetic synchronized gearless motor) core and brake development.

Entering independent development price reduction phase, and promoting PM motor manufacturing technology.

3)           Synchronized new style door machines and PM motor automatic door machine development.

Eliminates windiness and door groove dirt accumulation, saving maintenance money. Through design changes manufacturing price will be lowered.

4)           New style Y04 cage structure development.

Cage rigidity increased, decreasing walking vibrations. Through design changes manufacturing price will be lowered.

5)           New style Wedge development.

Independent development reduces price.

6)           Eight interconnected elevator control system.

Mainland China habitually uses three to eight interconnected elevators, this product is suits their usage habits.


Factors for future success

1)       Completely grasp market need and direction, and design products to meet need and satisfy customers.

2)       Critical material development ensures product price decreases, giving outstanding competitiveness.

3)       Embrace new technological developments and use new techniques to increase elevator control capabilities.

Our company proudly proclaims, the flow of our new products is steady and our market anticipation will continue to be exceptional.

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