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Our Philosophy

Constant Excellence, Synchronized with the World


The world is gradually globalizing, and the era of globally available products has arrived. Yungtay watches the world elevator industry, promoting the company’s elevator product level, keeping pace with other international companies and progressing. Since the 1980 inception of Yungtay’s Taiwan elevator research center, our research motto has been “Constant Excellence, Seeking Synchronization with the World.” Using this idea, we have invested considerable money and human resources to develop a research tower and testing room, in every stage of product development seeking accordance with standards and certifications. Promoting Yungtay’s frequency conversion style elevators and increasing competitiveness have been our primary goals.


As we seek outstanding quality, we also walk the path of progress, researching stable quality, reliable safety, environmentally friendly, and technologically progressive multi-function intelligent elevators. This is the Yungtay research team’s actively striven-for future goal.


1)           Motor control multi-functionality

In the area of motor control functionality, Yungtay’s research capabilities are equipped with the same control technology as other international large scale producers, such as voltage frequency controls, permeance vector controls, and speedless measurement vector control technologies. Also, at low operating speeds (<1Hz), operational smoothness and operational stability is absolutely equivalent to other international large factory technologies.

2)           User Satisfaction

Customer guidance has always been the leading factor in Yungtay’s product design. Yungtay’s products can use many different languages on control panels, increasing convenience and familiarity for users of all countries.

Customers can quickly and simply understand the elevator’s current condition. Immediate CRT displays allow rapid elevator operational condition awareness.

3)           Accordance with International Environmental Standards

The lack of domestic certified elevator testing towers, testing rooms, and elevator EMC, EMI, and GB regulation certification testing meant that elevators needed to be sent overseas for testing and certification, inciting large costs. Expanding the domestic market also meant requiring certifications to facilitate sales. The lack of these things would have hindered Yuntay’s growth.

Consequently, Yungtay has invested both human resources and money to develop an elevator tower and testing room, so each stage of product development accords with regulations and certifications. This is an important concept in our developmental ideas.

4)           Linking with IT

Digitalization has become the trend for modern equipment development. Industrial internet connection technology used with equipment for high speed information transport are designed exclusively for automatically controlled systems and surrounding equipment internal communications. Every area uses different communications networks.

In order to do business throughout the world, Yungtay has established the goal of creating all types of networks for customer use. The domestic market is not currently equipped for digitized elevators, which has affected overseas market expansion. However, off-site monitoring and diagnosis is Yungtay’s future development and technology goals for the digital age.

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