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Through the accumulation of many years of experience and growth, Yungtay has created all types of styles of escalator styles, including fully stainless steel stairs and an 8mm safety frame design. These use of these high-tech functions has created a completely new image for automated escalators, and Yungtay’s melding of electronics and machinery have resulted in automatic escalators that are more perfect, attractive, elegant and visually pleasing than before.


Seeking high safety standards through independent technology


Yellow Safety Frame

The four sides of each step have a yellow colored synthetic resin frame that clearly delineates the border of each step. This feature clearly marks each step to eliminate the possibility of slipping accidents.EscalatorS.jpg


8mm Safety Steps

Automatic escalator steps have an 8mm safety step to prevent shoelaces or clothing from being pulled into the gap. This safety equipment is another manifestation of Yungtay’s care for passengers.


New Steps are Safer

Automatic escalator framing safety steps have been calculated to a precise angle to prevent passenger shoes from being pinched. In the event of shoes encroaching on the space between the step and the step skirt, as the shoe begins to be bent inward opposing force results which pushes the shoe away from the opening. Additionally, the 8mm directional border makes it even less likely that shoes will encroach on the clearance gap.


The Toughness of Stainless Steel

Yungtay utilizes stainless steel in automatic escalator products to ensure gear pathways do not break, bend, or become corrupted, thus enhancing the life of the product. The surface also has an anti-slippage design that increases passenger safety. Additionally, black ion charged paint makes steps less likely to retain dirt, adding to the dignity of the elevator.


Resource Saving Design


Yungtay has obtained OHSAS18001 international certification and fully integrated this environmental ideal into our products. Natural resources and electrical power are in short supply, and automatic escalators running at full capacity with no passengers are a large waste of resources. Because of this, Yungtay automatic escalators may be equipped (for an additional charge) with a frequency modulation feature that automatically senses when the escalator has run empty for a period of time. When this happens, the full speed operation will be reduced to half speed, which saves up to 30% power. When passengers step onto the automatic chassis cover plate, the escalator senses passengers entering by means of infrared sensors and begins operating at full speed.


Some elevators constantly have passengers, and some have far fewer. Based on the above idea, Yungtay has designed an “Automatic Operation Feature” (for an additional charge) and EscalatorS-1.jpga “Frequency Modulation Feature,” which are different. When the escalator senses a period of empty operation, the escalator will change from full speed operation to a complete stop, saving approximately 50% power. And as above, when passengers step onto the automatic chassis cover plate, the escalator senses passengers entering by means of infrared sensors and begins operating at full speed.



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