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Protector of Safety and the Environment


Unquestionable Safety

Yungtay has a 40 year history of research and
expansion, widely expanding the capabilities of
hydraulic elevators, completely satisfying
modern expectations of elevator “smoothness
and safety.”

In earthquake prone Taiwan, hydraulic
elevators are especially suitable as they have
no counterbalance. When an earthquake
occurs there is no danger of a counterbalance
falling and striking the elevator cage.

Especially for Yungtay elevators, safety and
product inspections are exacting. Yungtay has
obtained ISO certification, so riders can relax
as they ride.


Resource Saving Environmentally Friendly Elevators

Global environmental ideas have gradually
become important. Saving resources has
become an important goal to reach for.
Hydraulic elevators utilize a weight system
which uses electricity on the elevator’s ascent
and the automatic control valve switch controls
the elevator’s descent using its weight. This
saves power during operation, earning it the
label of environmentally friendly elevator.


Flexible Space Usage

The Yungtay hydraulic elevator motor room
has great flexibility, and can be placed at any
point in a building, in contrast to traditional
steel cable elevators that are far less flexible in
space usage. As a result of its excellent space
usage flexibility and high load capacity, the
Yungtay hydraulic elevator has become the
new choice of architects, providing more space
for both stairwell areas and exterior modeling.



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