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From their inception, elevators provided a basic means of transportation for people and products. Yungtay has followed changing market demand in continuously promoting and laboriously researching and developing new designs. Whether in areas of safety, comfort, speed of ascent and descent, installation and overall appearance, ease of use, or environmental considerations, modern multi-functional products have been design to meet every need.


During the complete manufacturing process, computerized and automatic equipment is employed. Implementation of strict quality control standards and the construction of the nation’s first elevator research tower has led to accurate experimenting and testing to ensure the quality of all products’ functionality, safety, and comfort.


Aside from providing high speed, observation, hydraulic, changeable frequency, and automatic connection capable elevators, professional grade customized products based on customer need are available.


Parking Equipment 

“Providing urban space and improving quality of life” is Yungtay’s parking equipment developmental drive. Yungtay Engineering maintains consistent full process manufacturing operations with safety, speed and comfort, and environmental compatibility as our basic principles for research and design. From development, design, manufacturing, sales, and installation, to maintenance and other services; full life planning, making operation easy, equipment simplified, and making entry and exit movements safe and convenient are our largest goals. A nationwide net of 24 hour service providing outstanding maintenance and repair gives customers guaranteed peace of mind.



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